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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Black garlic

So a mom at school introduced me to Black Garlic.
I'm addicted.
Apparently it can be made at home.
My first effort was burnt to a crisp. I apparently needed to keep checking it towards the end..
The second (using proper, expensive, unbleached, purple garlic) was the perfect texture, no taste :/
I'm the vaguest kind of scientist there is: no notes, no system, just blind trialling.
Third and last batch I'm back to the cheap garlic.
Fingers crossed.

The method I chose from the many available online:
10 days in a rice cooker
Except I only have a pressure cooker (I'm wonderful at following instructions)
I separated each layer using South Indian idli trays.

My wonderful mom friend provided me with two samples.
The first was made by a chef in a restaurant kitchen. The UMAMI flavour was a revelation.
Layers of flavour poured out of each bulb.
The next was made by herself using an old rice cooker.
Much less complexity of flavour, but as you crave that umaminess more and more, you get less and less fussy :)

Well worth a try if you have a spare rice cooker. I might just have to buy one I'm so desperate for more!!