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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What I've learnt so far..

Every time I do not achieve a goal that I set out for myself.... I learn something valuable. About myself, about my journey.

It's strange that in my late 30's, I'm only now starting to unravel all the different parts that make up who I am, what I believe.

This is where I am at in terms of continuing my raw journey... Which I am determined to do. While it may not be for everyone, it truly and definitely is my salvation.

The key for me is to eat every 2-3 hours. This stops me from bingeing and making poor food choices.
I've heard preparing/organising is key. It reduces the chances of deviating from the plan. I haven't succeeded with the planning so far, probably why I keep deviating 😉
And being diabetic, I need to focus less on desserts, more on high protein options.

Daily menu:

Water with apple cider vinegar
Daily supplements

Chia porridge/raw protein drink/energy ball

Herbal tea
Kombucha/other ferment

Salad/vegetable/soup/green smoothie/juice

Herbal tea

Crackers, cheese/ salad/mince/nut ball/fermented foods/sprouts

White choc/nuts/miso soup

I seem to lack the basic skill of self control/will power.
The second I tell myself "ok, I'm going raw" my body totally rebels. Stomach tightens mind panics. What If I feel like a slice do bread or some potato chips?!

So my plan involves surrounding myself with good influences.

My links:

Why don't we discuss failure??

So I rarely bother facebooking, tweeting or blogging when I'm down and things are not going right...


I figured this is the reason why we're ashamed of 'failure'. We all know that 'failure is a stepping stone to success'. By know it, I mean we pay lip service to the belief, but we're still stuck in our thinking pattern of shame when we mess up.

I admire  The Orange Rhino tremendously for her sheer transparency.
It's rare. Hopefully, I can follow in her footsteps.