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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


My food choices are still the hugest challenge in my goal to reverse my diabetes.
When I take a break from raw, or high raw; it always goes south....and ends up at the inevitable.....

Potato chips...

Bags and bags of them.

However, to be fair, my tastes are changing. Slowly. But surely.

I'm adjusting lifelong recipes. Discovering a wider range of flavours.

I used to demolish litres of yoghurt, kgs of cheese, pots of sour cream. Not organic, not vegan.
Of course, as I started to feel more and more ill from it, I had a battle on my hands to remove the whole range from my life. A battle I am proud to say, after many many years, I'm close to winning.
I just can't quit  Demon King PIZZA!!!!!
That's my final dairy frontier.

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