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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 4 going strong!

I have finally got to a place where I have a multitude of recipes at hand AND a mind of steel :)
My poor supporters have only heard me whining for months about how hard going raw is and why I keep quitting.

I finally got to a place where my last binge created such a lasting impression it steeled my mind (the real source of my weakness) against all the junk.

Starting Friday night: I ate
numerous packets of potato and corn chips
Frozen fries
Frozen pizza
Garlic bread
1.5 loaves of bread
Half a jar of chilli mango pickle
Mountains of rice etc etc

By Sunday night I started looking for raw food cos I felt sooo ill from all the junk.
My joints were hurting, hands and face were swollen. Stomach hugely bloated. Throat sore. Tired. Cranky and short tempered. Slow... My brain was moving at snail pace. My belly hurt and really hated me. All that bread was just sitting on my chest and wouldn't go down. I've had trouble digesting wheat for years but continue to crave and eat it.
Through trying raw on and off in the last year, my craving have begun to change. The above list of food was my hedonistic dream in the past. I still crave food now but I crave home made instead. Traditional Gujarati food. It's a relief. I've eaten enough chips and pizza to fill 5 lifetimes.

The result of the binge:
My heart lifts at the sight of the leftover junk food all over the house; my stomach immediately responds with a nauseous churning. Making me immediately turn right around and walk the hell away.
That means I can now live with junk food all around me and still stick to my diet.

Breakfast today...yum!

Mushroom pate.. So good I almost didn't wait to take a pic! Just gobbled it up after.

Raw cracker prep in dehydrator. Essential for a raw diet. Really filling and a good way to add texture to all the blended foods.

Super simple but sooooo filling. The sauce is heaven for me.
Thai basil, lemongrass mixed into a cashew cheese.
Will post recipe one day :)

Celery spirulina chlorella.... Tastes like sand. But my belly n body is glowing.

Celery kinda day!! Can't wait to juice it. With carrot ginger beetroot.

Caramel tartlet. Didn't even wait to put on the choc topping layer... Yummo!!

Another super simple salad transcended cos of my favourite sauce.

Corn avo coriander raw in progress. My raw food always tastes bitter... Need to figure out how to balance it!

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