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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What I've learned

So since coming off the raw food diet....
I've learned a number of things.

1. I miss eating raw.  I especially miss how good I felt on raw food.
2. I had nowhere to hide on this diet. Normally, I eat when I'm: sad, upset, angry, frustrated, bored, tired, pretty much all the time :)
On raw food, I couldn't hide behind a packet of crisps. I was forced to experience the emotion.
3. Eating raw is one thing; but attempting an insulin reset while gorging on carbs?? Not too bright. I need to incorporate more protein, seeds, less fruits, simple carbs.
4. Cooked food that looks and smells amazing rarely tastes as good!!!!!!
5. My entire eating habits and cravings and cooking style is now obsolete. The foods I used to crave, I no longer need. My favourites in the past are no longer appealing.... Very happy about that :) I'm cleaning the slate. Tabula rasa.

Conclusion, I think I really want to go back to being raw! Maybe not 100% this time. But high raw; 75-90%.

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