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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 16 aka 53.3%

Day 10 was the first day of my cycle.
Pain. Lots of it :(
I kinda thought the raw diet would alleviate that?
And of course the requisite chips, mash potatoes with lashings of butter, hot, curried foods, pies, you name it.
Day 12. My dad's 60th birthday.... including most of these foods!

With the tremendous support of my two stalwart cousins; I made it through the weekend and am still limping along on the raw food diet.
My sugar has remained steady at 14.4 without medication. Not ideal.
So I start back at the gym on Thursday in an attempt to push through the plateau.

30 days have never before taken such a loooong time to pass!!!

Raw corn chips....I'll have to try again, they didn't taste great
Late night snacks
Unbelievably nom spiced pecan cake
Pumpkin (remarkably sweet when raw!) beetroot and onion with spicy sauce 
My 'noodle' maker
Avo n corn chips...
Better with basic raw cracker!
Pumpkin zuchini radish
Less kiwi would be better!
Gorgeously green and healing though.
Interstate flight for dads bday on Friday. Lunch.

Interstate flight for back home Sunday. Lunch. Pureed pumpkin with water....
Takes me an hour and a half to finish this salad...eating big portions is a chore. 

Kohlrabi 'chips' with paprika. Nice.

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